Dumbo - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

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Artículo no. 506477
Color Negro
Género Musical Banda sonora
Media - Formato 1-3 LP
tema producto Fan merch, Bandas, Disney, Película
Licencias de entretenimiento Dumbo
Tipo de producto LP
Fecha de lanzamiento 11/30/18
Género Niños & Niñas
1. Main Title - Dumbo (From "Dumbo"/Score) 2. Look Out For Mister Stork (From "Dumbo"/Soundtrack Version) 3. Loading The Train / Casey Junior / Stork on a Cloud / Straight from Heaven / Mother and Baby / Arrival at Night (From) 4. Song Of The Roustabouts (From "Dumbo"/Soundtrack Version) 5. Circus Parade (From "Dumbo"/Score) 6. Bathtime / Hide and Seek (From "Dumbo"/Score) 7. Ain't That The Funniest Thing / Berserk / Dumbo Shunned / A Mouse! / Dumbo and Timothy / Dumbo the Great (From) 8. The Pyramid of Pachyderms (From "Dumbo"/Score) 9. No Longer An Elephant / Dumbo's Sadness / A Visit In The Night / Baby Mine (From "Dumbo"/Soundtrack Version) 10. Clown Song (From "Dumbo"/Soundtrack Version) 11. Hiccups / Firewater / Bubbles / Did You See That? / Pink Elephants On Parade (From "Dumbo"/Soundtrack Version) 12. Up A Tree / The Fall / Timothy's Theory (From "Dumbo"/Score) 13. When I See An Elephant Fly (From "Dumbo"/Soundtrack Version) 14. You Oughta Be Ashamed (From "Dumbo"/Score) 15. The Flight Test / When I See An Elephant Fly (Reprise) (From "Dumbo"/Soundtrack Version) 16. Save My Child / The Threshold Of Success (From "Dumbo"/Soundtrack Version) 17. Dumbo's Triumph / Making History / Finale (When I See An Elephant Fly) (From "Dumbo"/Soundtrack Version) 18. Spread Your Wings (Demo Recording) (From "Dumbo")

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