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Artículo no. 257457
Sexo Unisex
Género Musical Hard Rock
Exclusivo No
Media - Formato 1-3 2-CD
tema producto Bandas
Banda Status Quo
Tipo de producto CD
Fecha de lanzamiento 11/7/08
1. Something 'Bout You Baby I Like 2. Rock 'N' Roll (New Edit) 3. Dear John 4. A Mess Of Blues (Edit Version) 5. Marguerita Time 6. The Wanderer 7. Rollin' Home (Single Version) 8. Red Sky 9. In The Army Now (Early Fade) 10. Ain't Complaining (Single Edit) 11. Burning Bridges (On And Off And On Again) (Single Edit) 12. Medley: The Anniversary Waltz Part 1 13. I Didn't Mean It 14. Fun, Fun, Fun (Single Edit) 15. Jam Side Down 16. You'll Come 'Round (Album Version) 17. The Party Ain't Over Yet 18. Beginning Of The End (Radio Edit) 19. It's Christmas Time 20. Jump That Rock! (Whatever You Want) 21. Pictures Of Matchstick Men (Original Version) 22. Ice In The Sun 23. Down The Dustpipe (7" Version) 24. In My Chair (7" Version) 25. Paper Plane 26. Mean Girl (Early Rough Alternative Mix) 27. Caroline 28. Break The Rules 29. Down Down (Single Edit) 30. Roll Over Lay Down (Album Version) 31. Rain 32. Mystery Song (Single Edit) 33. Wild Side Of Life 34. Rockin' All Over The World 35. Again And Again 36. Whatever You Want (Early Fade) 37. Living On An Island (Single Edit) 38. What You're Proposing (Edit Version) 39. Lies 40. Don't Drive My Car (Single Edit)