The lord of the rings: The two towers - The complete recordings

LP Todo sobre El Señor de los Anillos
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La inmensa banda sonora de El Señor de los Anillos - Las Dos Torres ya está disponible en 5 vinilo color azul de 180g. Un fan pack para los más acérrimos seguidores.
Artículo no. 383258
Sexo Unisex
Género Musical Banda sonora
Media - Formato 1-3 5-LP BOX
tema producto Bandas
Licencias de entretenimiento El Señor de los Anillos
Tipo de producto LP
Fecha de lanzamiento 7/27/18
1. Glamdring 2. Elven rope 3. Lost in Emyn Muil 4. My precious 5. Uglúk's warriors 6. The three hunters 7. The banishment of Eomer 8. Night camp 9. The plains of Rohan 10. Fangorn 11. The dead marshes 12. "Wraiths on wings" 13. Gandalf the White 14. The dreams of trees 15. The heir of Númenor 16. Ent-draught 17. Edoras 18. The court of Meduseld 19. Théoden king / The funeral of Théodred 20. The king's decision 21. Exodus from Edoras 22. The forests of Ithilien 23. One of the Dúnedain / Evenstar 24. The wolves of Isengard 25. Refuge at Helm's Deep 26. The voice of Saruman 27. Arwen's fate / The grace of the Valar 28. The story foretold 29. Sons of the steward 30. Rock and pool 31. Faramir's good council 32. Aragorn's return 33. War is upon us 34. "Where is the horse and the rider?" 35. The host of the Eldar 36. The battle of the Hornburg 37. The breach of the deeping wall 38. The entmoot decides 39. Retreat / Haldir's lament 40. Master Peregrin's plan 41. The last march of the ents 42. The nazgûl attack 43. Théoden rides forth 44. The tales that really matter 45. "Long ways to go yet" / Gollum's song

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