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Color Púrpura
Artículo no. 380689
Sexo Unisex
Género Musical Hard Rock
Media - Formato 1-3 2-LP
tema producto Bandas
Banda Blackberry Smoke
Tipo de producto LP
Fecha de lanzamiento 6/29/18
LP 1
1. Six Ways To Sunday 2. Pretty Little Lie 3. Everybody Knows She's Mine 4. One Horse Town 5. Ain't Much Left Of Me 6. The Whippoorwill 7. Lucky Seven 8. Leave A Scar 9. Crimson Moon
LP 2
1. Ain't Got The Blues 2. Sleeping Dogs 3. Shakin' Hands with The Holy Ghost 4. Up The Road 5. Country Side Of Life 6. Pretty Little Lie (Live) 7. Six Ways To Sunday (Live)