"Lammendam" CD de Carach Angren

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Descripción de artículo

The technically adept Trio Infernale specializes in strikingly vampiric and morbidly dark romantic symphonic melodic black metal. 'Lammendam' is a concept album that relies heavily on sonically powerful tension arcs, and the trio has put in immeasurable effort to create a diverse range of moods. It is therefore not surprising that Carach Angren dedicated themselves to all the horror components of their current ghostly work. Darkly enchanted piano-like key conTourings, often unrealistically distorted elegance, create various chilling and oppressive visual images in the mind's eye of the listener. As is typical for this uniquely alloyed type of black steel, these three Dutchmen handle bombastic and nightmarish opulence arrangements almost extravagantly.

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Artículo no. 263624
Género Musical Black Metal
Exclusivo No
Media - Formato 1-3 CD
Edición Re-edición
tema producto Bandas
Banda Carach Angren
Tipo de producto CD
Fecha de lanzamiento 6/26/20
Género Unisex

CD 1

  • 1.
    Het spook van de Leiffartshof
  • 2.
    A strange presence near the woods
  • 3.
    Haunting echoes from the seventeenth century
  • 4.
    Phobic shadows and moonlit meadows
  • 5.
    Hered melting flesh
  • 6.
    The carriage wheel murder
  • 7.
    Corpse in a nebulous creek
  • 8.
    Invisible physic entity
  • 9.
    Heretic poltergeist phenomena
  • 10.
    La Malediction De La Dame Blanche
  • 11.
    There was no light
  • 12.
    After death premises
  • 13.
    Yonder realm photography

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